New Patient Information

What is physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is a medical profession and method of healthcare centered on treatment of problems restricting a person's ability to move and function. Physical Therapists treat a variety of conditions that can affect different systems of the body, including musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary. A variety of treatment methods, exercises, and modalities are used to restore physical function, prevent disability, and improve strength and movement. Physical Therapists also educate patients to take care of themselves and to perform certain exercises on their own. Physical Therapy is a licensed profession and can only be provided by licensed individuals.

Can I fill out any New Patient Forms and bring them with me?

Yes! To access our New Patient Forms use the links below. Please print them out, complete, and bring with you to your first visit. Remember, all your sensitive data is safe and secure.

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*If you prefer to print out each form to bring with you, we have provided PDF links below for your convenience. Clicking on the form will automatically launch and/or download the appropriate file. Thank you.


Do I need a referral?

The state of North Carolina has "Direct Access" to Physical Therapy, which means that you are not legally required to have a Physician's referral before seeing a Physical Therapist for an evaluation or treatment. However, some insurance coverage may require you to have a referral or "authorization" before they will approve payment. You should contact your insurance company beforehand to determine the process that they require. It's important to remember that if you are under the care of a Physician and require Physical Therapy, you have the freedom to choose which physical therapy clinic to receive your treatment from.

Do you accept my Insurance?

We accept most major insurance carrier. Here is a partial list: Tricare, Medicare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, Medcost, Workers Compensation, and more! At the time of scheduling your first appointment we request that you provide us your insurance information so that we may verify your benefits and coverage.

How do I pay for treatment?

We accept payment via cash, check, debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express). Payment is expected at the time of treatment (normally during check-in). If you have insurance coverage there may be a deductible, co-insurance or co-pay required. Before your first visit we will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits for Physical Therapy. Some insurance providers have restrictions on specific treatments. As a courtesy, Phoenix Physical Therapy and Sports Performance files your primary insurance as well as any secondary coverage. You will be billed for any cost share (if applicable) after your insurance has paid their portion.

What should I expect during my first visit?

During your initial visit, your Physical Therapist will provide you with a thorough one hour exam in a private exam room. Please be prepared to discuss your needs and any pain, lack of mobility or function that you currently have. This evaluation will involve certain range of motion, postural, and strength tests to help your Physical Therapist develop a plan unique to you and your condition.

What should I wear to my appointments?

Your Physical Therapist will be assessing your function every visit, so it is important to dress in clothing that allows you to move. Attire should always include comfortable, loose fitted clothing and walking or athletic shoes. For your safety, flip-flops and sandals are prohibited in the gym area. The list below will help you determine what to wear….

Shoulder or Neck Injuries – Tank top or loose-fitted short sleeve shirt

Back Injuries – Elastic-waisted pants or shorts and a loose fitted top

Lower Body Injuries – Shorts are preferred

Aquatic Therapy – Swim attire, sunscreen, hat

Do I need to bring my X-Rays or MRI films?

Please bring any interpretation reports from when your X-Ray or MRI was read by a Physician. You do not need to bring the films. Because X-Rays and MRIs do not reveal everything your Physical Therapist needs to know in order to properly treat you, he or she will focus on taking your medical history, conducting a systems review, and performing physical tests and measures which identify potential and existing problems.

May I bring my child, spouse, parents or friends with me to my appointments?

In compliance with federal HIPAA Laws, it is the policy at Phoenix Physical Therapy that only clients are allowed in the treatment rooms and gym unless the client is a minor or requires special assistance. For safety reasons, please make arrangements for your children. This also allows you and our care providers to focus on your treatment during the time you are here.

My Child Needs PT, does an parent or guardian need to attend?

Yes if the are under the age of 18! All patients and/or clients under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to their first visit. Federal law requires signed consent from the parent or guardian prior to treatment..


Below is a summary of the services provided at Phoenix Physical Therapy. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Evaluation – Successful treatment begins with an evaluation that allows our therapists to design a treatment program that fits the goals, needs and physical capabilities of each individual patient.

Your First Visit – Your physical therapist will first talk with you, to learn about the problem that has brought you in for treatment. He or she will then perform a comprehensive evaluation of your musculoskeletal system, including posture, body mechanics, joint mobility, range of motion, soft tissue mobility, strength, flexibility and functional testing.

Depending on the evaluation findings and your goals, your therapist will next explain the recommended treatment plan, what it will entail and why it is being recommended. If appropriate, you will receive some treatment and a home program for pain relief.

Finally, before leaving the clinic the appropriate follow-up appointments will be scheduled.

Treatments provided in our clinic:

Manual Therapy• Joint Mobilization
• Soft tissue massage
• Graston Technique
• Myofascial release
• Deep tissue massage
• Cross Fiber Friction Massage
• Manual Traction
• Manual StretchingTherapeutic Exercise & Activities• Stretching and Flexibility
• Range of Motion
• Strengthening
• Body mechanics education
• Lifting Techniques
• Balance training
• Posture education
• Gait training (walking & running)
• Gait Training Suspension System
• Taping & Strapping
• Manual Treatment
• Manual Treatment
Physical Modalities• Electrical stimulation
• Ultrasound
• Mechanical Traction
• Iontophoresis
• Biofeedback
• Neuromusclar Re-Education
• Hot & Cold TherapyExercise Equipment• Resistance Bands
• Freemotion Equipment
• Balance Boards
• Exercise Balls
• Weight Training Machines
• Free Weights – 1/2 lb and up
• Stationary Bikes
• Elliptical Trainers
• Treadmills
• Medicine Balls
• Physical modalities
• Physical modalities
• Physical modalities
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